Right-Height Workstations enable you to "work safe and stay healthy"

Right-Height Industrial Workstations are height adjustable to provide operators with the ability to adjust the working height of their workstation at the “push of a button”. It is important to consider the Health and Safety implications of either standing all day or sitting all day. Ideally operators should be able to vary their position and work in both a sit or stand position.

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Electric height adjustable industrial workstations offer significant advantages in terms of long-term health. All of the evidence points towards providing a safe system of work that provides a healthy mix of work activities that avoid both sitting or standing in the same position for long periods of time. Height Adjustable Industrial Workstations by Right-Height allow you to design systems that enable operators to vary their work position.


Right Height electric height adjustable industrial workstations are ergonomically designed to facilitate task performance and minimize fatigue and injury

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Being able to adjust the height of your workstation for sitting or standing has been proven to offer improvements to your health, especially for back and muscles. It can increase productivity by changing working environments regularly and therefore improving brain activity.

Right Height workstations provide ergonomic solutions to manufacturing industries that require people to work in a single location for a period of time performing specific tasks. Good ergonomic design in workstations is about working at the correct height and organising activities at the workstation within the correct reach zone